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George Takei,

You rule. 

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Anonymous asked: Hey guys! Just a short question. I am kinda still doing research on bottom surgery and top surgery... how much does it cost exactly and is it still possible to feel pleasure with the bottom surgery done...



Top surgery

  • It really depends where you live and who you want to go to. If you are in the USA - top surgery goes from $5000-$10,000 depending on who you go to and which procedure you want. There are two procedures, keyhole (or peri) for very small chests, and then double incision for larger chests. I went to Dr. Garramone and he now charges $6500 for double incision.

Bottom Surgery

  • There are two main ones, phalloplasty and metoidioplasty. These range in price.
  • You can feel pleasure from having these surgeries.

Theres also some great info in our 'surgery' tag, please check it out!


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this websites brief obsession with cotton eyed joe was so eerie and it couldn’t have played out any more perfectly because i am still left with two remaining questions:

  • where did it come from
  • where did it go

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For my cakeday, a Norwegian Forest Cat I met during my travels!




2.5 years between photos - Pre-T to 27 months on T

Did your face get longer, or is it just the hairstyle making it seem longer?

Yeah my face has gotten longer, but I think the hairstyle change makes it seem like it’s gotten longer than it has. 

Anonymous asked: to anon- I use mederma and it works really great. it cost $16 but i've used it like 4 times max and my deep acne scars have gone almost fully away!

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Hello everyone! I am a genderqueer 14-year-old female looking for feminine/masculine tops, jackets, and accessories. I often fluctuate between medium and large in US sizes. I am currently unable to pay for shipping (so sorry, I’ll see what I can do about it). I’m hoping to get something before August of this year so I have more gender-expressive clothing to wear when I go back to school. If anybody has anything, please contact me at ultranipslip.tumblr.com/ask. Thanks!

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Mad at god
Who couldn’t rely the message directly to her hormones
That they should produce
More testosterone

– Hir [a transgendered poem] (via gayannoyedtransboy) Via Gayannoyedtransboy
"Hir" poem about transgender youth



Melissa sits in the back of the classroom afraid to speak up,
She pulls akwardly at her extra loose khaki cargo pants,
She doesn’t want the boys to notice her.

James finds himself at the back of a classroom,
His baseball cap casts a shadow on his pimple stained forehead,
A wide shirt hangs…

You guys all need to listen. It’s such a powerful performance

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"Hir" Poem about trangsgendered youth.

This poem is so strong. The power behind it is incredible. It speaks to me. 

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